Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fletch 2.5 | Milo 8 Months

Sheesh time is flying.  
Brothers, you're going to have to share the spotlight here as I try to play catch up with my life-chronicling obsession.

Fletcher | 2.5
You are so sweet and SO mischievous!  A totally unique personality from your bros.  We've had to reassess the way we parent because you learn/respond/operate in your own individual way.  Luckily God gave you dimples to get you out of the trouble you find yourself in daily.  They definitely help soften the blow when I discover you on the couch...with a Sharpie (that I'm convinced you stashed somewhere for the sole purpose of assaulting the furniture when I wasn't looking).  You just smile innocently.  Too cute for your own good, no doubt.  On the flip side of your adorably, frustratingly naughty behavior - you are so so cuddly and affectionate.  As much as you give us a run for our money, I sincerely love your wild personality.  Testing boundaries and trying to get a reaction is the name of your game.  And I'll spend the next 15+ years of my life trying to stay one step ahead of you.
You can:
- count to 15 (although 13,14 and 15 are always in the wrong order)
- say your ABCs
- buckle your own carseat
all of this is credit to having older siblings, I'm sure.
Fletcher's "Happy Half" at Foo's Fabulous.

Milo | 8 months
You unabashedly live up to your two nicknames: Smil-o and Moose.  You're determined to be the fattest, happiest baby around :)



Lately, you've started giggling to yourself in the backseat while I'm driving.  Even when your brothers are at school and there's no one in the car except us.  Big baby belly laughs.  I have no idea what's so funny but I can't help but laugh too.  So ridiculous.

Something I respect about you - the dedication you have to your meals.  You won't give up on that last slimy chunk of banana on your tray no matter how much it tries to escape. Your faithfulness, your grit.  It's both an exhausting and fascinating scene to watch.  But if this banana-tenacity translates into going after what you want in life, you'll be very successful.

I also enjoy the way you "talk" and interject your babbles and squeals into the well-established chaos that is "family dinner".  You're not shy about speaking up.  And your brothers, who think you're the best thing on earth, will actually stop talking over one another to reply, "Oh?!  Then what happened, Milo?"  And you smile so huge back at them.  Just happy to be heard and included.

My dear boys,

Having four kids is madness.  The best kind of madness. Overwhelming and lovely at the same time.  It's honestly much harder than you might expect but also a million times better ;)  And we are living every moment.

My whole heart,

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