Thursday, August 11, 2016

Milo | 11 Months

Our final countdown to the first anniversary of Milo's birth has begun.  And I have no words.

Instead.  A few photos that illustrate life with him @ 11 months.
It's action-packed to say the least.  He's climbing, cruising and into everything.  He insists on putting all things into his mouth.  This boy wears me out in the best possible way.

Next month, I'm sure my post will be full of nostalgia about the past and excitement about the future.
But right now, I'm living in these moments.
"I don't have time to sit for a picture, momma.  Too much to do."
 "I'm outta here."
11 months is the official age of running away.
My Moose on his moose rocker.
"THOSE look...delicious."

Dear Milo,

  The eager and enthusiastic way in which you unravel the world around you with so much curiosity is well worth imitating.   
Until next month, darling.

My whole heart, 

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