Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A soul so new.

You are...
a joy,
a beginning,
a dream come true,
You are...
Quick (censored ;)) details:
My water broke at 4:30pm on 9/1 and Milo was born 4 hours later via the fastest, hardest labor I've experienced so far.   Getting to the hospital was like a scene from a movie - we dropped the boys with our neighbor and drove through rush hour traffic to the hospital.  I was the woman in the wheelchair screaming for an epidural the moment I was wheeled off the elevator.

Fortunately (but also, unfortunately) he was born facing up instead of face down like babies are supposed to be...which is what bought us a little extra time...but also made for a much more difficult and painful labor.  It was very different from my previous three 18+ hour labors.
But, oh, the end result was so worth it as always...
I'm currently still in baby lala land.  
It's a place of both exhaustion and euphoria.  
I'm existing purely on adrenaline and love and a feeling of achievement.  
And if I didn't have so much help from family and friends I'm sure I'd be crashing soon.

Even the fourth time around, the breath-taking love overwhelms me.
I have fallen madly, deeply for this little boy.
The brothers are thrilled.  They LOVE him.  Maybe too much, because the biggest fight around here these days is who gets to hold Milo next and for how long.  And Fletcher thinks Milo belongs to him.  It's been so sweet to watch him become a big brother (although the instinct didn't kick in until we arrived home from the hospital).
Here we go.  Ready for the real world!

 Milo, we can't imagine our family without you in it.  Welcome to the fun little guy :)

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