Monday, February 22, 2016

Max McAlister | 6 years

Dear Max,
You should be incredibly proud of the person you're growing into.  You are thoughtful and fair.  Smart and responsible.  Tender-hearted and tend to be a little hard on yourself.  You're so worried about making mistakes, but we remind you that mistakes are proof that you're trying.  And that's the only thing your Dad and I want you to do -- try!   When you get discouraged or frustrated Sullivan always chimes in "Don't give up, Max. Murray's never give up."  A little something Sully must have picked up from noticing your Dad's perseverance which I admire so much aaaand probably from observing my general stubborn nature as well.  Either way...Murray's don't give up ;)  

Witnessing you learn leaves us speechless sometimes.  You went from struggling through the words in your reader books to reading EVERYTHING.  It seemed to happen overnight.  You picked up a note I had written and read it word for word the other day.  Your Dad and I just looked at each other with wide eyes.  You amaze us.  Teaching your little brothers the Spanish words you've learned, writing numbers to 200 with ease and explaining to me the science behind how airplanes fly...your capacity for knowledge is astonishing and exciting.

You recently wrote a note to your Dad and I which thanked us for sending you to your school.  And in it you wrote that your favorite parts were attending the all-school Mass each week and chess club. You have such a precious heart. 

When we first looked into your eyes six years ago we could never have imagined the fun and fear and laughter and love that you would introduce us to.  You changed our lives and we've never looked back.  We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.
Our hearts forever,
Momma & Dad
Here's your new ViewFinder reel for the past year.  
You were chosen to present the gifts at the all-school Mass on Ash Wednesday.  You were SO proud :)
Your first tournament! I know zero about chess, but watching you think through each move was really cool. You won two out of three matches.  Is that what they're called??
There is nothing better than seeing your kid succeed at the things they work hard for. 
 You had a Scooby Doo themed party the day before your birthday since you didn't have school that day.  You invited all the boys from your class.
We had fun making these treat bags together.
You collected donations from your friends in lieu of gifts.  This is your sixth year delivering "wish list" items to the Ronald McDonald House.

On your real birthday you opened gifts in the morning.  The Scooby reader books were the favorite thing you received.
 You were also pretty excited about the Pie Face game and the fact that you got to go see Kung Fu Panda with Dad and Sully in the afternoon.
 In the evening we had some family over for pizza and cake.  You wanted this party to be Star Wars themed...even though you've never seen Star Wars ;)
It was so sweet of you to ask Fletcher to help you blow out the candles.
Another successful birthday in the books!

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