Monday, March 7, 2016

Milo the Moose // 6 Months {Happy Half!}

Dear Milo,
Your joyful personality is contagious.
You have a natural charm and easy smile so much like your Daddy.   And there's a quality deep in your eyes that is just so him, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  It takes my breath away sometimes.
Working on teeth and watching birds out the window.
You've decided that this will be the month you take conquering milestones seriously.  You've checked rolling over, sitting up and cutting your first two teeth off the to-do list.  You're eating solids now too and haven't rejected a single thing I've given you.  In fact you cry every time I put the spoon down no matter what it is I'm feeding you.  Hey, you've got to maintain that impressive physique somehow, right? :)

You love to talk, blow razzberries and grab my face and pull it toward your open mouth for slobbery kisses.  Every morning I get to start my day with you reaching your chubby little hands up at me from your crib all while smiling and kicking wildly with excitement.
It's just...the best.
You absolutely BEAM.  For no reason at all other than being alive.  The radiant smiles pictured here took no effort on my part to conjure up.  This is your natural state of being.  And it makes me want to squeeze you all the time.
You bring so much love and light and magic to our world.
You've been a gift to all of us, Milo Byron.

My whole heart,

For your very first "Happy Half" celebration we obviously went to The Blue MOOSE!
Moose-of-the-hour at the head of the table :)
All of our babies had yogurt for the first time on their 6 month "birthday" as a special treat.  First bite...trying to figure out the new flavor :)
And now he's obsessed.
Fletcher loved the animal masks the restaurant gave out.
Milo, I also must make note of the love and friendship between you and Sullivan.  
It's stronger than ever and the most adorable thing to witness.  I think you're soulmates :)
 And here's how we spend much of our time together.  My kangaroo baby.  I didn't "wear" your brothers all that often, but it's kind of become our thing.  We vacuum, wash dishes and grocery shop all with my lips pressed against the top of your head more often than not.  You're always happy to be along for the ride.
Although I ache for the slowing down of everything I promise to love you with my arms wide open. Watching you grow is beautiful and painful and exciting and scary, but I will not hold you back.
You fill me to the brim with joy.  And there's so much more that lies ahead.
Stay sweet my little babe.

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