Saturday, March 26, 2016

Murray Morning Realness

We made a date with the very talented Rebecca Peters to take some family pics last week.  I knew I wanted the setting to be very laid-back and show our family in our true element - a "lifestyle session" she called it when I told her what I was after.  Just a normal weekend morning together at home - books, breakfast, boys bickering - you know, the three b's that may or may not be every family's reality before noon.  I wanted to have our regular, everyday life documented because contrary to what our other family portraits portray, we're not frolicking around a beautiful park in coordinating clothes most of the time ;)

I had originally planned on getting everyone up early and dressed in something without stains by the time Rebecca was scheduled to arrive at 8am.  I went to bed without a solid plan, but figured I'd find something for us all to wear out of the baskets of clean clothes sitting in my bedroom (waiting to be folded).  

The morning came more quickly than I anticipated and we all rolled out of bed with about 20 minutes to spare.  I looked at my sleepy crew in their mismatched jammies and bed head and said "don't change a thing, we're wearing this."  The boys were thrilled.

It was clear that if I wanted these photos to tell our real story it definitely could not involve perfectly selected outfits before 8am.  The truth is we stay in our pajamas until its inescapably necessary to put on something decent.  Pictures of us sitting around the breakfast table in cute outfits would not be even close to a realistic narrative for my clan.  So in our PJs we stayed.

I quickly brushed my hair and managed a bit of concealer/mascara, and put on a shawl because there's no need for me to be hanging out in my cami with a camera around :) The boys' only to-do was to brush teeth.  It felt a little weird to have our pictures taken by a professional when we all looked pretty scruffy, but I love the way they turned out.  This is who we are and our life is perfectly imperfect just the way it is.

Oh, how I love my people.
Nowhere I'd rather be.

PS. Rebecca has photographed our family multiple times and  And fun and talented and cool.
Check out her website HERE.

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  1. Oh, these are gorgeous!!!! Love the whole shoot. Beautiful family, Sara and Billy