Monday, September 11, 2017

Milo's "Milk & Cookie" Happy Hour

Milo had a Happy Hour buzz made up of sugar and love.
The youngest Murray is TWO!
My wild-haired, twinkly-eye'd little monster is growing up so fast. I still scoop him up in my arms and try to hold him like a baby...but the persistent wiggling and "dowwwn now, momma!" cries make it clear that stage is behind us.

We were traveling on Milo's birthday so we postponed his little party until this past weekend. Our days are jam-packed lately and the only thing we could squeeze into the madness was a little "Milk & Cookie" happy hour on Friday eve.  Luckily, Milo is super understanding...and wants nothing in life more than cookies :)

We hosted at The Vintage House, because it's beautiful and easy and much cleaner than my house during a whirlwind week like we had.  The weather was perfect and we really didn't do much other than eat cookies and play in the courtyard.  
A blue sky.  Fresh air.  Platefuls of cookies. What else is there?
Uncle Michael & Dad
in lieu of gifts, we collected donations for The Humane Society.
Milo up to bat and Mikey waiting patiently with his bag!

my trusty crew.
after getting a couple quotes on a 4-layer cookie cake, I decided to make my own.  Chocolate chip with marshmallow fluff.

Dear Milo, 
You are feisty and sweet and just the best of everything.  You are a dreamboat with those big blue eyes and your curly hair.  You love wearing any and all accessories, but not actual clothing.  Your favorite outfit is a diaper, a glove, sunglasses, hat and socks...which is what I let you wear if we're not going anywhere.  And you love to draw.  You carry your little notebook and pencil everywhere we go, drawing circles upon circles.

We all adore you.  Even your brothers can't resist kissing your chubby cheeks or squeezing your sausage-link legs whenever you're near.  And you try sooo hard to keep up with them.  

Above all you are incredibly LOVED.  You melt my heart daily with that mile-wide smile.  I promise to do my best to help you become who you are in the years to come.

My whole heart, 

Friday, August 25, 2017

7.5 | Happy Half, Max!

I love how much kids enjoy growing older and how proudly they add that "half" to their years.  

At this age Max is content to build his wealth in best friends and baseball cards.  He sees goodness in everyone he meets.
I want to bottle up his innocence before its gone.

This whole business of growing-up is happening all around us, all the time.  Which is how celebrating half birthdays became a thing in our house.  

So on August 13th we stopped to have burgers and milkshakes, and take a good long look at the boy morphing into a young man right before our very eyes.  

Today he's long and lean and has more confidence than I can handle sometimes.  He's craving independence and autonomy more and more each day.  And every day I'm reeling him in and reminding him that he's still only 7.  Except now he crosses his arms firmly and says, "and a HALF!"  "Oh right...and a HALF.  My bad," I say in my most serious mom voice.

Happy Half to my sweet Max.  The one who started it all.

You knew this was coming...flashback

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sullivan's 6th in Pics {a Penguin Popsicle Party}

Dear Sullivan,

You are straight out of my dreams.  You're the image I conjured up when I thought about the son I might have one day.  Dark hair, blue eyes, tender-hearted and creative.  You are him.  And even though we didn't expect your arrival, you were exactly the person we needed in our lives.

You're a pretty amazing 6-year-old, Sully.  Your selflessness startles me, because it's a trait that honestly doesn't come easily to me (and most humans).  But you were born with it in your bones and embody it fully.  You'll effortlessly give up your favorite toy to Milo, give Max the last cookie without a fight and pass along every "parachute guy" you catch on the Fourth of July to one of the other kids in attendance...even if that means you don't get to take one home for yourself.  I am awestruck by this very rare quality you possess. It's not always easy to put others first and yet it is part of the fabric of who you are.

The morning of your birthday you came downstairs as I was hanging up your birthday banner and said "thanks mom".  I thought you meant for the banner so I said "oh, honey, it's just the same one I hang up every year! But you're very welcome." Then you said, "no...thank you for bringing me into the world on this day."

Every momma in on earth would love to hear those words from their child.  And the ones who do...I doubt it was from their 6-year-old!  My sweet old soul.  You immediately regretted it because I hugged you and kissed you and got all teary-eyed...things that make a 6-year-old boy squirm :)  But I could tell you genuinely meant your words.  
And I want you to know that they'll ring in my ears forever.

My whole heart,

And now for the party!  Every.Single.Year. it RAINS on Sullivan's special day (See Sully's Soggy 3rd Bday and Celebrating Sully:the rain curse continues for proof).  I always worry about oppressive heat and each year it's cool and rainy.  It never gets him down though.  And he continues to insist on outdoor parties.

I threw together this invitation to print, but ended up sending an evite instead just to keep things simple.  You get the idea...

Sullivan is OBSESSED with penguins...real ones, stuffed ones, plastic ones, books about penguins...I don't know where it came from but they're his favorite thing ever.

Sully wanted Penguin crackers (only sold at ALDI, ha:), popsicles and Jello Jigglers. I love how easy he is!  And my amazingly talented friend, Gina, made the penguin cookies without me even asking...just because she's the absolute best.  Everyone needs a Gina in their lives.
Not only cute, but they were delicious!

The day was cloudy and on the cooler side after crazy torrential rain the night before, but that didn't stop him or any of the kids from enjoying the sprayground.

The boys made this penguin stacking game themselves out of paper cups and white sticky felt:)

All the kids got to take home a penguin beach ball

Penguins in ice!  The most random things keep kids entertained :)

After the park, we had family back to our house for Chicago dogs and more penguin-related fun.  I cut the bottoms out of the cups and cut the tops off some balloons to make "penguin poppers".  They loaded the cups with cotton balls and targeted each other.  Cotton balls everywhere.

They also made igloos out of marshmallows...

One of Sullivan's favorite gifts was from Lolli.  His own camera.  
He wants to be an "arctic photographer" these days.

Max (surprisingly) offering the candle for Sully to lick;)

Sullivan collected a big tub of books to donate to The Family Conservancy thanks to all of our generous guests!

+ a few random ones from my phone...
Opening a gift from Max first thing on his bday...because neither of them could wait another minute!
do you think we have enough, mom?
Sixth birthday success!