Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fletcher's "Cardboard Box" Birthday

The cardboard box wonderland as requested by Fletch.

Dear Fletcher,
You’re three!  I won’t make the cliché “I can’t believe it!” statement, because with your feisty attitude I’m most definitely aware that “the three’s” are upon us….although, to be honest, you’ve always been a force, my boy.

You’re an adorably terrifying combination of magic and mischief.   
It’s written all over your face…punctuated by those irresistible dimples.  
You are smart and independent and strong-willed.  You have humbled me in many ways as I’ve learned to be more flexible with what I “know” about parenting.  There's a spark of determination inside you.  And if that continues to grow, you’ll be long as we can harness it for good ;)

I read a quote recently that made me smile and think of you:
God makes children so specifically for us, each of them.” 
-Arianna Segerman

I thought back to that quote as I cleaned Sharpie graffiti off the kitchen cabinets, tossed out my lipstick-stained duvet cover and scrubbed blue paint off of my innocent-eyed “batman”.  All of which happened while I left you alone for 2 minutes.  And I’m sure I had hidden all the Sharpies, locked up the paint...and that color of lipstick isn’t one that I recall ever buying.  Like I said, magic and mischief…and LOTS of creativity inside you, Fletcher William.
He said he "wanted to be Batman"
But you are so much more than the sum of your mischievous behavior.  You're also affectionate, kind to others and always happy to be a helper.  You've got it all, my dear.

  In your bones is the best of my strength.  In your heart is my deepest courage.  And in your arms is all the love I've ever known.  You have so much to give and I know you'll move mountains one day.

Happy three, baby boy.

My whole heart,
This is perfectly us.  Oh how I adore you.
// And now......The Party! //

   | invite front & back |
Fletcher's favorite book is "Not a Box by Antoinette Portis" and when I asked him what kind of party he wanted he said,
"A BOX BIRTHDAY!!!" without hesitation.

However, after making those Pacman Halloween costumes a few weeks ago, I was SUPER OVER cardboard box construction. 

But I can't say no to my little Fletch.

So I began collecting boxes again...from my in-laws who moved recently and the people down the street who just got new furniture delivered.  Gotta be resourceful.

And once again, we got busy cutting and taping and shaping the boxes
 into: a rocket ship, a castle with drawbridge, a race car and a dining table.  Fletch was thrilled with his "Not a Box" wonderland.  I put out stickers, markers, stamps and other crafty stuff for the kids to use to decorate the creations.

I served juice boxes, "packing peanuts" aka popcorn, and cupcakes...and called it a party.  Embarrassingly simple.  I used to pride myself on my elaborate parties, now my goal is to see how sweet and simple I can keep it.  Especially since there seems to be no correlation between my kids' happiness level and the price tag on a celebration.

He insisted on being sung to in his castle.

The party favor was "packing tape" aka Fruit by the Foot...because kids love that junk :)

Red-frosting sugar high. And happy with all the items he gets to donate to the Children's Mercy Mitten Drive.

ALSO a few pics from his birthday breakfast and gifts from us.  Phew! Never-ending blog post...

So, this is a sad story:  Both Max and Sully have "1st Year" scrapbooks, but I didn't make one for Fletch because the same info/pics were documented on the blog (which I have printed every year).  It seemed redundant. However, the boys regularly like to flip through their scrapbooks at bedtime and Fletch always asks "Where's mine, momma?" :(  I never thought the boys would be so into them or that Fletch would ever notice.  So I finally made him one.  It might have been his favorite gift!
His very own "1st Year" scrapbook.
The follow up to "Not a Box"..."Not a Stick"!

We had so much fun celebrating you, Fletcher William!