Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Milo | 10 Months

pretty standard view of Milo these days.  crawling and climbing away from me.

Dear Milo, 
Double digits.  That means one year is already on the horizon and I'm letting the reality of that settle into my heart.  I'm not ready yet.  I never am.  Luckily I know from experience that there is so much goodness that comes with the next stage.  Everything is new and waiting to be discovered...the taste of dirt, the feel of grass, the sense of freedom that comes with finally getting your chunky body off the ground and mobilizing.  Life is weird and unexpected and wonderful, isn't it?

The one thing that seems familiar to you, though, is music.  You bounce and shake your head and clap  your hands whenever you hear a beat you like.  Your brothers will play Paul Simon or Neil Diamond on the record player just to get you going.  They think its so cute to watch you "dance".   You get a huge smile on your face that's like, "this is my jam!"   And from what I can tell "Kodachrome" by Paul Simon is your favorite song.  You stop in your tracks and nod your head whenever you hear it.
When I was pregnant with you I told your Dad that I thought you'd have an ear for music since we went to so many concerts during those 9 months.  You saw (heard) Old Crow Medicine Show, The Avett Brothers, The Rolling Stones and Dave Matthews just to name a few.  

Watching your natural love for music develop recently reminded me that I had taken pics at each concert we went to together.  So I'm going to leave them for you right here:
Avett Brothers | Starlight Theater
Rolling Stones | Arrowhead
Dave Matthews |  Sandstone Amphitheater
This was at Starlight too, but can't remember who we saw that night for some reason.  Just a couple weeks before you were born!
And if you're a famous musician some day - you're welcome ;)

bright-eyed baby in the AM
Oh Milo.  Every morning I wake up to a baby boy who is bigger, faster and more animated than the day before. 
The tiny details of who you were yesterday start to fade from my mind as new ones take their place - there is so much I want to remember and it happens so fast.  But with each new day, you're becoming a little more of who you were meant to be.  And when I think about what I want most for you in life, that is precisely it.

My whole heart, 

| Growth |
  - 25lbs, 6 teeth (you ended up with the hereditary front-tooth gap, which I adore), size 18-24 month clothes
- Your hair is getting long and showing some cute curls!

 | Tricks |
- You say and sign "all done" (sounds like "ah-da"), ba-ba, Dada.  Plus a million other unintelligible combinations of sounds -  you're quite the chatter box.  HOWEVER you refuse to say Momma.  I mean, how hard is it?!  I birthed all 10lbs 1oz of you and I get no love ;)

- The one thing I do have going for me is that can make you LAUGH like no one else.  Your giggle is ridiculously cute and infectious and unstoppable once you get going.

- You try to pull up on everything and are working on figuring out the stairs (<--stop it).

| Nicknames |
Moose // Moo Moo // Mooter //Smil-o

| Favorite Foods |
- You only want to eat meat recently.  Maybe a few veggies and a little cheese.  But fruit doesn't interest you much.  Unless its a whole piece of watermelon because, big boy status.  Although you're a bit pickier than any of your brothers ever were, I'm not concerned about you getting enough food.
At all.
So big.
Be still my heart.