Thursday, March 2, 2017

1.5 | Happy Half, Milo "the Moose" Byron

18 months.  
The age of perpetual frustration and constant motion.   
Milo has discovered his independence and will let you know immediately if he feels his freedoms are being infringed upon.  
Protesting includes back-arching with super-human strength, scowling and ear-piercing screeches.  

When he feels free and in control of his destiny he's possibly the happiest human on earth with a smile that couldn't possibly be bigger.

But I had forgotten what a volatile age of self discovery this is.

To celebrate this little one, who we so lovingly call "Moose" due to his 10lb 1oz weigh-in at birth, we had dinner at the Blue Moose.  
And he couldn't have been more irritated with the situation...until we let him loose in the booth.
 Being strapped in a highchair has become the pinnacle of humiliation for Milo.  
Especially when being taunted by his free-roaming brothers.

side story:  after I took this pic I said "you two are the cutest bffs!" and Max said, "No, mom, we're BBf' BROTHERS forever."

Freedom provides a major attitude adjustment.

These two.  Milo thinks Sully was put on earth just for him.  And I think vise versa.

And then there's the ringleader of it all.  So proud to be head of the pack.

so much joy in this pic I could burst.

And you know how I love to do flashbacks...
2016, Milo's 0.5 celebration