Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Milo // 4 Months

Dear Milo,

A new year, another milestone.
A lot has changed since your last "monthly post".

This baby version of you will always remind me of Boobo since this is how he knew you.
I'm sad that you didn't get to know him well, but I will always make sure you know him through my memories.  His grandchildren were one of his greatest joys and he loved you so much.

Although your brothers had more time with him, I want you to know the special role you played in his life as well.  You were the only grandkid that was with him until the end.  The only one able to spend time with him when we didn't think it would be good for the older kids to visit.  The one who brought comfort and peace to us all when we were huddled together at the hospital sad and worried.  Big shoes for a baby to fill, but you did it with ease.  Nothing combats grief like an innocent baby smile.  

Thank you for playing that special role in your Boobo's life.  You were there for him when he needed you.  And I hope you're always able to feel his love.

My whole heart,

//a few 4-month photo shoot outtakes//
Milo says "Ugh. This one. He's a little unpredictable, Mom..."
19 lbs // 98th percentile
26 inches // 85th percentile