Monday, April 25, 2016

Milo Byron's Baptism

I sincerely can't think of a more heartwarming occasion than a baby's baptism.  

It meant so much to Billy and I because it was a day for us to give thanks for one of our most perfect gifts; a blossoming soul which has been so graciously entrusted to us.  And to profess our intention to nurture and guide this little person on his journey of faith. 

Although Milo isn't aware of the significance of this sacrament yet, I know that he sensed the love that flowed from the baptismal water and from the hearts of those who surrounded him.  

Prior to Milo's big day we brought out the boys bibs and lit the candles from their baptisms.  We hoped it would help them understand what all the excitement was about.  We talked about their ceremonies and their Godparents.  They wanted to know everything about their special day...asking "Did I cry?"  "Who was there?"  "Did I get spit up on my bib?!"  I love how much they enjoy hearing their stories. It gives me some hope that maybe they'll appreciate this blog one day :)

The freshness of our newly baptized babe.  The grace and the celebration of life and love.  The beaming smiles of his Godparents.  
It was such a happy day.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Milo | Lucky #7

Oh my little Milo.
I've spent a lot of time this past week writing my heart out for other people - your momma moonlights as a freelance writer after your beautiful blue eyes close for the night - but I cannot put off writing your 7 month blog post a moment longer.  My joy in getting to know you is overflowing and even as I sit here at 12:32am I cannot rest until I spill these words onto the virtual page in front of me. (luckily my superpower is only needing a total of 6 hours of sleep to function moderately well)
These days I watch in wonder as you discover the fullness of who you were created to be.  Finding everything from your voice to your are amazed with yourself.
 Goofy and charming, loving and surprisingly resourceful (ie. using your spoon to assist in leveraging crackers into your mouth!).  It's all beginning to emerge.  And watching it unfold is the true prize of parenthood.

With curious and clumsy hands you explore everything within reach.  Bringing all things to your mouth and then watching them drop to the floor, covered in drool.  I never see a sign of frustration, though.  You just look around and reach for the next nearest thing.  And repeat.
 People frequently make comments in jest about "poor #4", like you might get overlooked simply because you have three older siblings, however, you are safe, warm, loved and happy, I assure you ;)  I'm guessing you've had to wait for a bottle or diaper change longer than Max ever did, but you are already more patient and forgiving for it.  And your parents might be just a bit more tired...ha!

Your utterly sincere smile.
Your genuine elation in all things.
There is a brightness around you that warms me.
Your face after seeing a penguin for the first time at the zoo!  Priceless.
What you do to my heart is just beyond words, even though I try (and fail) to articulate it fully every month.

I just want you to know that I absolutely love being your Momma.  Now and forever.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Promise of Easter

The renewal that accompanies Easter and Springtime has an impact on me every year.
From tragedy to transformation, the journey toward a new beginning is a story that never loses hope.

In this season that promises life I'm filled with so much anticipation for things to come.  All things.  There is goodness and love and joy for all of us if we seek it.  That may sound trite, but I know its the truth deep in my heart.  I find it daily because I'm constantly looking.  My momma taught me, and still teaches me, to see beauty in spite of any sadness or heartache.

The green-ing grass and longer days and boys playing in the backyard has me breathing a sigh of relief that spring has arrived.

It always feels good to have a fresh start, doesn't it?


This Lenten and Easter season brought me a lot of peace.  I think this might be the first year that we experienced Easter as fully as we were meant to.

We experienced the humility of foot washing on Holy Thursday.
Max read from the Jesus Storybook Bible which explains the Last Supper and why Jesus washed the disciples feet in terms that the kids can grasp.  After some hesitation from the boys and the "I can wash my OWN feet!" comments their hearts softened to the idea.
Milo is ticklish :)
Fletcher kept saying, "Like dis, Momma?  Like dis?"  My heart might have burst.
This was a good alternative to getting everyone out the door for Holy Thursday services.  New family tradition as long as we have little ones.

We experienced the pageantry of the Easter Vigil.  
He couldn't believe that the fire from ONE big candle lit everyone's smaller candles throughout the church.  What a beautiful and meaningful illustration for a child.  It meant so much to me to share this night with Max.  He was captivated by the whole thing.  I, of course, I do every year.  Max saw me tearing up at the song "Come to the Water" and he said "Don't worry, Momma...I don't mind if you want to cry."
photos courtesy of Visitation's FB page :)

We experienced the excitement of egg hunts.

 And here are a "few" snaps of the rest of our celebrations:

The boys fresh out of the bath and sooo excited for Easter.
Max read to his brothers before heading to the Easter Vigil with me.
Fletch comforting Milo.
 The boys are yelling HAPPY EASTER!!  And Milo's not sure how he ended up here :)
  The Easter Baskets!
Max likes birds.
Sully likes bugs.
Fletch loves bubbles.
We have a very kind Easter Angel who dropped off a povatica for breakfast :)  So many thoughtful people in our lives.

Meyers family Easter...

Murray family Easter...

In these moments I see love and light and joy.
There is so much beauty in life lived with arms wide open.