Monday, November 9, 2015

Milo // 2 months

So here we are, dear Milo.  2 months.  
You've woken up to the world this past month.  You're finally seeing the life around you.  And smiling.  
Oh my heart, darling boy...that smile is radiant.
In the beginning of nurturing a new little person it's all give, give, give.  I've given up sleep, my arms, regular showers, hot meals.  I belong to you and your needs around the clock.  And I'm tired.  But with one joyful grin from you, everything feels ok.

It's the first sign of reciprocity.  A tiny milestone.
Your little smile reminds me that I will get a full nights sleep again.  I will actually miss the late night feedings when they're over for good.  I won't always be a milk-machine and perpetual diaper-changer.  That smile will one day become a hug and eventually an "I love you".  But right now that sweet smile says it all. It gives me strength to keep going and perspective on this precious life I've been given.  

A first smile is worth a thousand words.  And it means the world to me.

My whole heart,

15lbs 10oz (>99 percentile)
@ his 2 month appoinment
The big brothers have been calling you "Smil-o" because you're such a smiley little guy these days :)

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