Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy half, Max | 6.5 (and, oops...5.5?!)

If you've read the "Murray Party" blogs for a bit then you know we have a little tradition of acknowledging half-birthdays.  
NO gifts, NO cake, but lunch/dinner at each kiddos "spot".  

This originated when Max was 6 months old.  It went something like this: 

Billy: Holy smokes, we've kept a child alive-and-thriving for half a year!  We're awesome at this. 
Me:  I agree.  We should celebrate.  
Billy:  Let's go to Max's for dinner.  Our kid's name is Max...so we basically have to take him there.  

And with all the free time two-on-one parenting allows...we did.

We had our one lone child to focus on and declared that this was going to be our thing, our TRADITION.  Every year we'd come back to Max's on his 1/2 birthday.  We're so good at coming up with ideas.

But then...we had three more kids.  

And as to not exclude anyone from traditions...we now have 4 total half birthdays to celebrate in addition to the 4 regular birthdays.  I'm telling you...this was our well-thought-out brilliance. So now we're in this never-ending cycle of celebrating and it probably seems...obnoxious. Let's just say this parenting decision, admittedly, got away from us :)
But in the spirit of how much I love each of these little faces...I will take every chance I get to celebrate them.   Simply because I'm happy they're alive.  I'm so happy they're mine and that I belong to them.  There's never a wrong time to say, "hey, dude...I'm really glad you were born." (which, now that Max is 6.5, this is the way he prefers I talk to him.)

Happy half to the first little boy to steal my heart.

***and now for the rewind***

And as I looked back, I realized that I never posted Max's 5.5 pics on the blog last year.  
In my defense...I was two weeks away from having baby #4.  Sorry bud.  Here they are...
Until next year!

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