Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Half, Fletcher William | 3.5

Dear Fletch,
Here we are again, another Happy Half in the books.  
And here's me, once more, grasping at what I can with pictures and words.
My lame attempt to slow the passage of time by documenting it.

We went to "your" spot to celebrate you...Foo's Fabulous Frozen Yogurt.
{the story of how it became your spot is here}
So happy to be "free-nanda-half"! (aka "three and a half") :)

 You were soaking up being the center of attention, my little ham...

Dad chased Milo the whole time...
Dude...more brain freeze!  I couldn't convince you to eat your ice cream slower.
That face cracks me up though :)

Sully was happy to play photographer with Momma's "real" camera...

I will look back on these pictures from today, years from now, and remember:

your wispy hair against my cheek as we snuggled on the sidewalk bench
the way you kept asking me "how old I am this day??"
and after I told you...
the pride in your voice when you announced to everyone that you were "free-nanda-half"
those devilsh dimples that make my heart skip a beat every time I catch them
your sticky hand holding mine on the way back to the car
and the sound of your happy, sugar-induced, giggles on the ride home 

All of these things will stay like glitter in my memory.

Happy half, sweet thing.  You are the most fiery force of nature I've ever had the privilege to know.
And I'm so happy you're all mine.

My whole heart,

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  1. Cutest little Irish face! His dimples! Love crazy lil Fletch! <3