Monday, April 25, 2016

Milo Byron's Baptism

I sincerely can't think of a more heartwarming occasion than a baby's baptism.  

It meant so much to Billy and I because it was a day for us to give thanks for one of our most perfect gifts; a blossoming soul which has been so graciously entrusted to us.  And to profess our intention to nurture and guide this little person on his journey of faith. 

Although Milo isn't aware of the significance of this sacrament yet, I know that he sensed the love that flowed from the baptismal water and from the hearts of those who surrounded him.  

Prior to Milo's big day we brought out the boys bibs and lit the candles from their baptisms.  We hoped it would help them understand what all the excitement was about.  We talked about their ceremonies and their Godparents.  They wanted to know everything about their special day...asking "Did I cry?"  "Who was there?"  "Did I get spit up on my bib?!"  I love how much they enjoy hearing their stories. It gives me some hope that maybe they'll appreciate this blog one day :)

The freshness of our newly baptized babe.  The grace and the celebration of life and love.  The beaming smiles of his Godparents.  
It was such a happy day.

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