Friday, April 15, 2016

Milo | Lucky #7

Oh my little Milo.
I've spent a lot of time this past week writing my heart out for other people - your momma moonlights as a freelance writer after your beautiful blue eyes close for the night - but I cannot put off writing your 7 month blog post a moment longer.  My joy in getting to know you is overflowing and even as I sit here at 12:32am I cannot rest until I spill these words onto the virtual page in front of me. (luckily my superpower is only needing a total of 6 hours of sleep to function moderately well)
These days I watch in wonder as you discover the fullness of who you were created to be.  Finding everything from your voice to your are amazed with yourself.
 Goofy and charming, loving and surprisingly resourceful (ie. using your spoon to assist in leveraging crackers into your mouth!).  It's all beginning to emerge.  And watching it unfold is the true prize of parenthood.

With curious and clumsy hands you explore everything within reach.  Bringing all things to your mouth and then watching them drop to the floor, covered in drool.  I never see a sign of frustration, though.  You just look around and reach for the next nearest thing.  And repeat.
 People frequently make comments in jest about "poor #4", like you might get overlooked simply because you have three older siblings, however, you are safe, warm, loved and happy, I assure you ;)  I'm guessing you've had to wait for a bottle or diaper change longer than Max ever did, but you are already more patient and forgiving for it.  And your parents might be just a bit more tired...ha!

Your utterly sincere smile.
Your genuine elation in all things.
There is a brightness around you that warms me.
Your face after seeing a penguin for the first time at the zoo!  Priceless.
What you do to my heart is just beyond words, even though I try (and fail) to articulate it fully every month.

I just want you to know that I absolutely love being your Momma.  Now and forever.

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