Monday, February 6, 2017

5.5 | Happy Half, Sullivan Michael.

Just a few quick pics of Sully's "Happy Half" celebration...our little tradition of gathering at each kiddos "spot" on their half birthday and giving them some extra love.  

Over dinner we say things like, "Can you BELIEVE you're already halfway to your next birthday?!" and "Have we ever told you that we're SO glad you were born?".  The boys' responses are always "yes", "yes" and "Wait, why don't I get presents today??". 
So sentimental they are ;) 

 However, they did agree to continue doing our Happy Half celebrations even when they're grown-ups, so...I win.

Before we go on, can I just do this real quick? #flashback
Growing up so fast!

Everyone particularly loves Sully's half because his place has plenty of games and junk food.  We give each of the boys a stack of quarters to spend on the games/candy machines while we order nachos, warm pretzels and pizza for dinner.  Everyone is fat and happy by the time we leave.
skee ball is always a major hit with the boys.
my Pac-Man partner.
Lolli and GG got to join us since it coincided with our weekly "Monday Night Dinner" this year!

Me and my sweet Sully.  photo cred: Max

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