Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy #7, Max McAlister!

Dear Max,

I can't believe I've been a momma for 7 years!  I should be an expert at this by now, right?! ;)  
Unfortunately, I never will be, as much as I'd like to think I have all the answers.  

Until fairly recently you believed I truly DID know everything there was to know.  But as you've grown, you've started to realize that I have fears and uncertainties and so much to learn, just like you do.  

Your questions about life have gotten harder.  And to be honest many of your questions are the same ones I have too.  There are so many things that don't make sense, or don't seem fair, or are so overwhelmingly magical that you wonder how it can possibly exist in this world.  The depth of your thoughts actually stops me in my tracks sometimes.

I had always worried about the day when you noticed that I'm not superhuman, however realizing that ALL of us are a constant work in progress has been good for you, my little perfectionist.  You want to be THE BEST at everything, but now that you're slowly seeing that everyone on earth (including your parents) is still learning and growing, you seem to be putting less pressure on yourself to know everything about everything at age 7.
Even though your father and I will never be perfect we will always be purposeful in the way we're raising you. I hope that we're teaching you to listen to your heart and that it will lead you to see the world.  I hope that we're instilling in you the courage to go after experiences which challenge you beyond the limits of comfort, because it's in that place you will stretch and grow and become who you're meant to be. 
Things will only get more complicated and confusing as you navigate your place in the world, but we're here -- both your solid foundation and a soft place for you to land.  Forever and ever.  No matter what.

Happy 7th Birthday, my love.

My whole heart,
Momma (and Dad too :)

And now a few pics of the festivities...

Max requested a Super Mario theme + Italian feast for his family party.
Max's menu include two kinds of lasagna, buttered noodles with "shaky cheese" and bread.
He let me know that the salad was NOT requested :)

feeding his Michael Jordan obsession.
No joke, my child begged for a Dictionary for his birthday.
Lots of Star Wars legos from Lolli!
Attempting to capture these crazy cousins...

 Max also got to celebrate with a few friends at Waldo Pizza and Lego Batman in 3D.

This is the 7th year Max has collected donations for RMHKC in lieu of gifts for his birthday.  This is one of his favorite traditions - can't you just see the pride on his face?
And he obviously (see above) gets PLENTY of presents:)
I remember filling out the donation form with a wiggly one-year-old in my arms that first year.  
Now he can fill it out himself :(

Lastly, treats for his friends at school.  He insisted they say"Maxman" instead of "Batman".  
This kid knows what he wants.
Ok, Maxman, birthday extravaganza is OVER.  Until next year.

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